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A big shout out and thank you for the birthday art (and recent lovelies!!)!! xxx you are the kindest!

Happy Birthday Jenny! by fairygodpiggyHappy Birthday Jenny! by TripoqgirlHappy Birthday Miss Jenny ! by nurmuzdalifahMias by PitryMcBirdyThe Youngest gets the Cake. by RainbowtalbyMias and Elle - Hey Baby... by LeelSurprise Fanart! Moff and Flickerlee by WildWithin.: ~Warming flame of Light~ :. by PrideAlchemist7Mias and Elle by drawingshadyCloak and Dagger by accidentlyfairy
  Waaaaaaaah! All these birthday wishes!

Thank you so much everyone!! xxx I wish I could thank you individually! I've got a last minute birthday plan to wing a party in the studio where I work and order pizza and drinks and also do a talk about all the work that has gone into Mias and Elle over the last few weeks. Wish me luck! x

It's come to this. The last journal of my 20's. It's my Birthday tomorrow (where April went, I don't know) and it's going to be low key as I'm waiting to celebrate it on the May 30th. I'm having a Wes Anderson themed birthday party and I'm pretty excited for it. I made a Jaguar Shark Piñata!! Also everyone gets party bags. I've not had party bags since I was 7. Who grows up these days, anyway?

I'll be here in the studio working and posting page 6 (already!?) of Mias and Elle to the Patreon page! Yay!! If you've not seen it yet and you want to check it out and donate to help me bring you more Mias and Elle and rewards, you can visit it here:

It's still so new and you have been so kind with your support so far. We are almost halfway towards the first stretch goal! If you could give it a look that'd be such a wonderful birthday present to me. 

Thank you!
Hi everyone! I'm stopping by to let you know that I've created a Mias and Elle Facebook page, where the comic will be released on Mondays, so if you don't bother with or have a Tumblr, you can get it a day earlier than on here. :)…   Just slap that like button. Affectionately. Like it's your favourite butt.

Also I'm spending most of today sprucing up my Patreon page so keep checking in for new artwork added to the site throughout the day. The Icons are going to be a nice addition. Check it out here.

Again, any amount pledged would be an amazing help. One of my first stretch goals is to raise enough money to keep my studio work desk. At the moment, that's a pretty important goal.

As little as $1 would help so much!

Thank you!

Jen :heart: 
Hello everyone! What with the launch of the Mias and Elle Comic(at last!), I've set up a Patreon and would be ever so grateful if you could help support the comic. 

You can find the link here:

There are some really fun rewards and every donation will help this comic become bigger and better and lead to bigger and better rewards too!

Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure!

Oh Boy three pages in already! After today I should have enough pages to take me into June, which is a huge feat and I'm feeling helluva accomplished about that. I'm so excited to get onto the main event.

Because of the posting on Tumblr, the follower count is at an amazing, almost 6k! I'm 9 followers off and I really wanted to dedicate this time now to drawing a Mias and Elle thank you picture.

Please send me your requests and I'll check back in the next hour and pick the best one :)

(and thank you so very very much! I love you!!!!)
Bloody hell, I've not written a journal all year yet. As I'm currently bed ridden with a cold/flu, now's a good a time as any to update the goings on in my life.

Something you might have noticed, is that I finally pulled my trousers up and started the Mias and Elle comic! Hoorah! Look, two pages already. *fanfair do-do-doo-do-do-doooooo!*

Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 01 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 02 by StressedJenny
I've been working really hard to get a buffer on the comic so I can update weekly, I'm currently on page 7 and it's frustrating me so much I cannot work on it today. I'm so excited to get the Prologue finished and onto the main event/s. The next step is to sort out a website to host the comic and set up a Patreon or Kickstarter. I really want to dedicate all my time to this project and if I can find a way to make this my living then that'd be a dream come true. Doing this would mean I'd update at least two times a week and not have to juggle it around my Storyboarding jobs (which have been great in all fairness).

I'm so excited and it's been so lovely to see so many of you just as excited too! x Thank you for all your support!

Again I'll be posting pages on my Tumblr on Mondays and then here on Tuesdays. I get excited for Mondays now. It's a bit odd.

Now to recover from this lurgy. Can anyone recommend something to watch on Netflix?
-I'll be having them.

Just writing a quick journal that I'll be away from Blighty for the whole of Jan (as of today) to get some much needed sun and experience a new lifestyle in lovely Sydney (this is a scouting trip essentially). Hopefully some much neglected work will get a look in while I'm out there ;)

I'm so exited about welcoming the new year looking over the Opera House and Bridge. I've only seen that on the telly before. (And scuba diving!)

I just want to thank you all for joining me on this year's journey, even though I've been quite quiet. As much as I've neglected my own projects I really wanted to focus on, It's been incredible freelancing and finally being able to attend my own comic shows (more to come next year). It has been so enriched and I feel I'm finally heading in the right direction to achieve all the things I've wanted to do for so long. And hopefully you'll benefit from it too. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. Have an amazing new year people. I love you. xxx

I'll see you in Feb.  :heart:
One of my bestest buddies, :iconlookhappy: has printed his very sweet comic and I'm so looking forward to getting my paws on it! The Fox is a really moving story about two friends tackling the world around them and being there for each other when they need help the most. I certainly was not expecting he ending this comic provided, and it made me love it more. 

This comic has an incredibly short print run of only 50 copies, and half are gone already, so you better get in there fast if you want to own a very special piece of work. You can buy it here:

And while you're there you might want to check out Joe's other works. He's awesome.  
Ah, this should be interesting as I'm currently writing on a train up to Macclesfield from Brighton, so I'll keep this short for now. I'm actually doing my first proper show this month with lots of new prints and postcards and commissions to sell. How exciting!

It'll be at the MCM Expo in Birmingham on the weekend if the 22nd and there'll be freebies for anyone who happens to come along as one of my characters. Because I can. And because you can .

There'll be a lot more information going up over the next few days so if you happen to be going, you'll be super informed :) I'm very excited already. Stay tuned!

I acted a bit too early with that last journal. :iconairglass: caught my 3,000,000th Pageview right here!

Congratulations!!! A Jareth poster will be on your way shortly. Thanks everyone who took part to make that Kiriban even possible. Amazing! I'm really thrilled. More updates to follow.
Hello everyone, My, it's been a while! Things are still mega busy down this end but hopefully I can be more active soon and share new things with you all. :)

Anyway, why I'm here. May I please ask a huge favour from the wonderful, lovely people who purchased the Moth and Flame? I'm just writing to ask if you could leave a review about the app and the story. We would really like to boost up the reviews and ratings and it'll all help in the long run. I'd be so appreciative if you could help. Thank you! :heart:


The Moth and the Flame now on iTunes. by StressedJennyMoth and Flame available on Android by StressedJenny
Argh! It's been a while. So sorry about that. As soon as I opened commissions, life got busier, but I'm on track again and can't wait to get up to speed with the rest of these commissions over the holidays. Thank you so much for your patience. :heart:

:iconadrians-angel: Paid/FINISHED 
-commission- Adrians-Angel by StressedJenny
:iconwodon: Paid/FINISHED
-commission- Wodon by StressedJenny
:icondreamer-out-there: Paid/FINISHED
-commission- Dreamer-Out-There by StressedJenny
:iconchara-katina: Paid/FINISHED
-Commission- CHARA-KATINA by StressedJenny
:iconmauvetears: Paid/SKETCHED
:iconsapphirelink: Paid


Hello! Hey, you fancy getting a little something special for Christmas, or just fancy treating yourself?

Well commissions are open again. I'll be taking 5 slots. I'll only be doing digital commissions at the current time. Each one will be £50 with extra characters and backgrounds costing an additional £20 each. Examples of previous commissions below.   
If you are interested in a commission please send me a note titled:"Commission" and please include reference of the character/s you would like me to draw. Paypal only.

Thank you!


-commission- Ghouliboo 2 by StressedJenny-commission- Sepia-Mortis by StressedJenny-commission-Gulaghar by StressedJenny-commission- Ghouliboo by StressedJenny

So when I said I'd update soon, over four months ago, I didn't realise I'd take that long. Oops! It's been very busy and productive setting up my new life in Brighton and things are settling down a bit now, so, I was going to open up commissions again.

I'll put up a journal when I update my drawing list with rates. I'm freelance now so I'm going to have to boost the prices up to help make ends meet here. 

I'll let you all know soon. And I promise soon this time.

I'm back... kind of. Only popping my head in for a little bit at a time. Been so busy learning new things and now I'm off applying them in the real world. Very exciting and scary. 

Miss this place though! Hopefully I'll get a bit more me time soon to draw and share and generally be a bit more active here. ^__^

London was great in the end, but also had a brilliant time in Sussex, Kent and Sheffield too. Pretty knackered from the whole thing but its a good kind of tired. Like I deserve it.

Will update again soon.

...but I love London town. :music: 

It's currently gorgeous here in Old Blighty. London itself is rather lovely in the sun, though commuting could take a long walk off a short pier for all I care. I love you underground, but you is so hot and stuffy and full of smells... Sun and busy-ness have addled my brain and have to keep on top of so many things (finances, travel,finding free accommodation in London for a start), but the storyboarding course is well under way and has been amazing so far. We have Frank Gladstone teaching us, and having someone with that much experience involved with our development is bloomin' marvellous. Really having a great time. I've travelled a good bit of the county attending conferences too. Attended the Children's media conference in Sheffield (which is also rather lovely. You're Peace Garden is great!) and then had to catch up with work back home in Cardiff over the weekend, so pretty exhausted.

Hopefully I can recover over the week and have some free time to get to the museums I've been itching to see. David Bowie exhibition at the V&A? Pompeii at the British Museum? Yes please.

As I'm not earning any money while I'm here I'm going to open commissions soon. I'm not sure when, there is a lot to do, but maybe within the next week. Being unemployed in London is an expensive business. Hope to switch that for a different career soon. XD

Catch you later! I miss updating and actually talking to people here!

Needed to knock off that last journal and update here. It's been a while and quite quiet around here. This last week I have had to be very busy organising my plans and projects as this time last monday the company I worked for went under and everyone was let go, so I've been working hard to secure future work and oppertunities within the industry. Got some conventions planned and I'll be in London for a month on a storyboarding course to get up to scratch, so not going to be very active here while couch surfing Londinium and working my ass off. XD

But saying that, Moth and the Flame will be finished this week and a good friend of mine has been working on something rather exciting that I'll talk about at a later date. My optimism levels are alarmingly high. It's like I'm only stressed when things are normal, but when something bad and is supposed to feel like a crisis comes along, everything's great and will be fine... I think I'm broken, but I'm not complaining. Things are good. Really good. :)

I've finished all my commissions so at a time like this it'd be a good oppertunity to open more. I will do at a later date, but as I'm going to be on the road for a bit I think the earliest I can open them again is August. 

Hope everyone is having a good June. I was at the Harry Potter Studios yesterday so even more of a reason for me to be happy. Go! You must go! Its sooo amazing!

Much love

Jen :heart:
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I have to keep this short cos I'm as sick as a dog right now and very stressed about a weekend that it packed with stuff I shouldn't be sick for. I'll be at MCM comic expo in London tomorrow, just passing through and then have a wedding on sunday, So on top of being ill I won't have time to make more Moff and Flickerlee pages this weekend.

But here is an interview and facebook feature with a new bit of art. Yay!……

Right, I'm going to bed to try and get better.
Feel like dying. :(
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Wow, I havn't written a journal for yonks. How are you? Again sorry if I'm super slow answering notes and messages. I don't really get to use the comp for anything but work and comics at the mo so I'm not as active here as I used to be, but I try. This is a belated pimp journal to help nearest and dearest.

My friend fairygodpiggy needs some help making a bit of extra dosh to help pay for her tuition. It's pretty important she pays it off soon and she's taking commissions right now so please help her and get an adorable drawing off her at the same time! Amazing!!

Also SuirenShinju is holding a competition right now where you could win some great prizes including a drawing from me. I've got one last commission to do and won't be opening them again for a while, so this is a perfect oppertunity to enter if you'd like to get a little drawing off me, fairygodpiggy, elusiveCONQUEROR and some other great contributors :)
Details here: Revival of the Undertaking Life Contest :CLOSED:Prizes
Prize contributors will also have a say in judging since they're contributing something out of the goodness of their hearts and I feel they should have a say in who they choose to award their talents with. I also ask that if you want to judge/submit a prize that you not enter the contest for the sake of remaining objective. And since a bunch of users' entry will depend on the prizes, here's what we've got in the pool so far:
1st Place
:iconsuirenshinju: A year's premium membership, 300 dA points; 3 full fledged drawings; a one-shot story (if interested)
:iconstressedjenny: 1 Drawing
:iconwhenpigsfly8992: 300 dA points; Half body drawing with some shading
:iconelusiveconqueror: 1 full drawing
:iconcelesoran: 1 fully colored drawing with person* and background
:iconkiwigirl1: 1 Full Sketch
2nd Place
:iconsuirenshinju: 2 fully completed drawings
:iconwhenpigsfly8992: Portrait sketch
:iconcelesoran: 1 waist up colored drawing no back…

And while I have my pimp on, imma pimp the Lingo show too cos I especially want to show off Leib's song which I story boarded and illustrated. I did that for most of the songs on the Lingo Show but I love Leib's the most. And I never really share stuff from my day job, so have a little treat. Sorry if the link doesn't work for some of you :( The Lingo Show is a pre-school show to help kids learn new words from around the world. It's pretty cute and fun and had a brilliant team working behind it at the studio I work for. I was mainly involved with the prop and background design and as a storyboard artist. Good times. Fingers crossed for season three!…



Also, Moth and the Flame is almost there :)
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Just wanted to stop by and thank all of you so much for the birthday wishes and messages and gifts. They really brightened my day and I really needed it. It's not too pleasant being stuck in work on a sunny day, especially when it is one's birthday. I want an adventure. Now the weather is starting to get good I have a whole bunch of plans for the weekends, but must get Moff and Flickerlee finished too (on top of everything else) :) Hopefully good things will come from it.

I've been really rubbish on dA recently and it's taken me so long to get back to peoples notes and comment on art and stuff. I'm so so sorry and I'm trying to put aside the time to thank you and comment as much as I can. :shakefist: Real life! Just be assured I keep an eye out on all your lovely art and writing and it always makes me so happy and excited. I just wish I was better at finding the time to reply straight away.

Here are some of my lovely giftie arts! They make me so happy!! I'll try and thank everyone as soon as I can properly!!

:thumb367659154:Mothy the Fire bender by haeunee2Happy Birthday Jenny by Frizz-of-FuryMias and Elle - Full Cast by SuirenShinjuHippizzie Birthday Jenny! by fairygodpiggyDA Calendar 2013 - MAY by qwertypictures
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