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November 27, 2011
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Influence Map by StressedJenny Influence Map by StressedJenny
I've been meaning to do one of these for aaaages.
I couldn't fit all my influences on here, and gawsh I tried, so I just stuck with what makes me the most happy ^__^ These are a mixture of things that have inspired both my comic work and my style, all of which play a huge part in what I do.

Guess I better gush about it then. I think I'll loose some of you at this point XD

Ronnie Del Carmen: I've been a huge fan of his work for a long long time. I love the way he draws women and his dreamworlds.

Man Arenas: I only discovered his book (YAXIN) last year and as soon as I opened it I was completely hooked on his style and the way he lays his panels out. I instanly thought that if I made a comic I'd want it to look like this and I forever strive to tell stories as beautifully as he does.

Wells Cathedral: I travel around Britain quite a lot when I get the chance and I always love exploring new towns and cities (its where I get most of my inspiration). Usually if I'm in a city I'll head to the cathedral to have a nose around, so I've been to a few. I've never been blown away by a building as I was with Well's. So much so that I completely changed the beginning of Mias and Elle so I could include it in the plot. It was that inspiring!!
My favourite cathedral has since become Winchester though.

Shakespeare: Don't worry. That is a genuine portrait of him, approved by the Shakespeare Trust. I used that one cos he looks damn fine in it XD Aham... Ooooh Shakey shakey shakey, you national treasure you. You write the lovliest sonnets and epic plays. How can I not be influenced by you. Plus you were around during the reign of the last Tudor. Extra cool points for you.

Pierre Alary: I've yet to read one of his comics in english, but I could stare at his art forever. The expressions and features of his characters are so incredible.

Chuck Jones: ESPECIALLY "The White Seal". I'd watch the heck out of that cartoon when I was a kid. I wrote a journal about how much I loved it a while ago but if you havn't seen it yet check it out. [link]
Its such a lovely cartoon and you can definately figure out why I like drawing my Selkies. What I love the most is the expressions and the wonderful timing in his cartoons. I love how a joke can be pulled of with just a small glance to the camera from the character and my gosh can he make stuff cute. Just look at that Seal face!!!

Fred Moore: Well I at least needed to include one of the nine old men. Fred Moore would have to be my favourite. I had a VHS of old cartoons my nan tapped off the tv for me when I was a kid and I'd constantly rewind the Disney short, "All the Cats Join In" which was heavily based on Fred Moore's unique style. I never really liked fantasia as a kid but I do remember loving the heck out of his centaurs and it's still such an appealing style today. I even own a Fred Moore girl figurine. I love her. [link]

Jeff Smith: Bone. My goodness. Where do I begin? The humour, the style, the beautiful backgrounds, the epic story. I cannot wait for the film version of this. Why? Because Jeff Smith Himself is involved and that just brings be joy. It's going to be amazing.

Miyazaki: Laputa (or Castle in the Sky) was the reason I became an animator. I would watch this all the time growing up and I loved this. This film made me pause and think, "Hey, I want to tell stories like this... this way!"

The Tudors: Everything about them. The times they lived in, the clothes, the uproar of breaking with the Catholic church and its results, their views on life and it's struggles. It all fascinates me.

British Folklore: Its crazy! I adore it so much! It warms the cockles of my heart to hear a regional folktale, or learn where a certain ghost lives, or why there are green children in Woolpit. Also Crop circles, Black Dogs and Morris Dancing. The creepy stuff XD

Claire Wendling: I wish I could draw like her. I am constantly in awe of how she draws people and animals. Always a massive inspiration.

Micheal Dudok de Wit: I love how bouncy his animation is and the lines and simple shapes he can use to crate so much emotion in such a short animation is always a joy. He was a huge inpriration to the way I animated my work.

The Legend of Zelda: I got the game for xmas in 98. My brother played the game while I wore the instruction manual out, obsessiong over the artwork. It made me want to create worlds and characters. I owe it so much!!

Adam Warren: Empowered has a lot to answer for. My god I love this series so much and the way Mr.Warren draws. I hate super heroes. I just never understtod the appeal. Empowered was the first super hero I could ever relate to. And its all sorts of hilarious and awesome.

The last Unicorn: This film scared the crap out of me, but I loved the style so much, especially the way the Lady Amalthea was drawn. I hate her character so much, she's an aweful character, but she's so pretty.

Jane Eyre: Ahem... I didn't read the book... well I started it anyway, I had to for my A levels... but I didn't finish it... that exam went well. Anyway. I love the story. I've watched the BBC's tv version way more times than I care to count and... MR.ROCHESTER!! Enough said.

Martin Brown: Oh Mr.Brown and your hilarious illustrations. If you don't know. Mr. Brown illustrated the series "Horrible Histories" written by Terry Deary. These were the first books I ever picked up and read on my own (I was at that age when they were first published). I loved them to bits!! I think most of my humour in my work comes from some of the corny jokes that were included in these books. Plus I love the way this guy drawns hands and writes his letters.

Original meme is here: [link]
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I've loved Horrible Histories for as long as I can remember, and he has had such a huge influence on the way I draw.
mystery-ragdoll Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
I always feel inspired to draw sexy centaurs after watching fantasia :) There extreamly good practice for drawing human figure AND horse one's too! Hybrids are just completly awsome!
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I can totally see where all your amazing work comes from.
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Jane Eyre!
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